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the 5 c’s.

let’s get real…i don’t need any more shoes.

but without a doubt, i’ll make a few new purchases as fall gets underway.

and i will definitely be keeping these 5 c’s in mind.

lovely, versatile pieces that would fit nicely into my fall wardrobe?


1. here | 2. here | 3. here | 4. here | 5. here

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one small change.

sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. i’ve been (slowly) working on redecorating my bedroom, and i’ve been wanting to update my lamp pretty much ever since i got it two years ago. when i bought my bedside table off craigslist, the seller threw in the lamp for cheap. i like the base, but the shade was bleh. typical, accordian pleats, dull cream color…just bleh. but lampshades can be pricey, and i wasn’t sure what i wanted, so i just let the old one stick around far too long.

but then, i was in goodwill yesterday, and ahhhh-ahhhh (that’s the sound of angels singing)…there it was! the perfect lampshade! crisp white, no pleats, modern round shape…it was love at first sight. and bonus…it was only $2.99! done and done. and look at the difference! the light coming from the lamp even looks less yellow-y.

one small change, one big difference.

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beyonce has done it again!

everyone knows about her single ladies video, thanks to kanye, justin timberlake and andy samberg, and wedding djs everywhere.

and it was brilliant, yes.

but then she goes and makes the video for her new song “countdown.”

oh. my. lovely.

it reminds me of audrey hepburn in funny face…which i hate to admit i’ve never actually seen.

but i did love her “back in black” gap commercial from a few years ago…that counts, right? ;)

seriously, beyonce…you’ve outdone yourself yet again. love it.


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something about it.


just something about this cover.



image found here

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sweet coziness.

maybe it’s just because i’m tired after a busy weekend, or maybe it’s because i just gave my own bed a much needed upgrade (i’ll share pictures soon!)…but whatever the reason, lovely beds are just calling my name this week. i can’t stop looking at their sweet coziness…

image found here

image found here

image found here

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eh. or something.

i go through phases when i write more, and phases when i write less.

i can tell when i’m feeling uninspired, because my journal and blog writing dwindles.

(and if i go through a phase when i’m not reading…well, something is really off. but i’m happy to report that i am currently reading my life in france by julia child. )

i haven’t been writing much lately, so i know that i’m feeling a little…eh. or something.

but this morning? it’s the first chilly day of the year, and i think i felt something wake up in me a little. the transition between seasons is refreshing. the summer doldrums are still lingering, clouding my mind and exhausting my spirit, but the cool air is trickling its way in. tingling my senses. reminding my insides that there is always something new around the corner.

maybe i am just craving inspiration. lusting after change, chasing after something, anything, nothing. it’s a good feeling, an uncomfortable feeling. it makes my insides itch. maybe all “artists” get this way sometimes? i don’t know.

i just hope that inspiration finds me soon, fills the empty spots and sets my heart racing again.

image found here

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Preach it, sista.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend indeed.

So I haven’t done a rambling list post in awhile, and I figured it was time to submit you to my stream o’ consciousness once again.

1. I’ve been watching Mad Men. A lot. As in I watched all four seasons available to stream on Netflix, and now I am rewatching them. Cuh-razy, I know. But it’s Literally, every minute of it is fascinating, beautiful, disturbing, or touching. Just gets you all emotionally involved and whatnot. And kind of makes you wish chain smoking and alcoholism were still socially acceptable and not so likely to kill you. And don’t even get me started on the clothes. That’s a whole other post that should be coming your way soon. To sum up: go watch Mad Men. Now.

2. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a terrible Gator fan. I used to be crazy hardcore, camping out for days to get seats at basketball games, tailgating ALL DAY for every football game…and now? Now I haven’t even watched a single game this season, and tomorrow is the first day I’ll be tailgating. All you Gator haters can call me a fair weather fan all you want…but I’m going to just chalk it up to this: I still love the Gators, and I want them to win, but my weekend time is just too precious to lose an entire day to tailgating/game watching. I just don’t like football enough for that. I like the Gators, but not football so much. Yeah, every Gainesvillian is now judging me harshly, but oh well. I even went to see The Help during the last game. I turned into one of THOSE people, and I’m a-ok with it.

3. I’m feeling chatty today apparently. Those were a couple really long paragraphs. Are you still with me?

4. Lexie recently chewed my favorite pair of yellow shoes. Like, chewed the heel right off. So, since putting a positive spin on a negative thing is always a good idea, I decided to treat myself to a brand new pair of red shoes…in addition to replacing the yellow ones. Cuz, that like, totally makes sense, right?

Here are the newbies. I think they will live quite happily in my closet.

5. I’ve decided Zumba is essential to life. I can’t live without it. I have been going 2-3 times a week, and the insane amount of endorphins is addicting. Plus, you get to get your dance on for a whole hour, with no one judging you. I feel redonkulously crunk the entire time and imagine that I look fabulous. In reality, I’m a white girl trying to shake it like a salt shaker and quite possibly looking exactly like that, but in my mind…I’m the CRUNKEST.

6. It’s going to be cold soon (like, tonight apparently), and I’m pretty much twitching with excitement. Tights, boots, coats…come to mama.

7. The next 3 months are going to take years off my life. I’m calling it now. Who is the BOSS at overcommitting? THIS GIRL!

8. Sidenote…I’ve still got mini-sessions open! Just sayin’….book it, peoples. Only three spots left! (Oct. 22- 5:30 & 6:00; Oct. 23- 5:00)

9. My latest iTunes purchases have included Colbie Callait, Ximena Sarinana, Gavin DeGraw (be still my 10th grade heart), Gabriella Cilmi, and Lady Gaga. Colbie is great as usual. Lovely and chill. Still deciding how much I like Ximena’s…the song I posted yesterday is kickin’, jury is out on the rest til I listen more. Gavin is wonderful as usual, although I will never love any of his cds as much as his first. Gabriella is fun, fresh, soulful, and a good listen. Gaga is only so-so. I like a couple songs, don’t like a couple songs. Overall she left me wanting Judas more.

10. I don’t really have anything else to tell you…just didn’t want to leave you hanging at 9. :) Have a happy freakin’ weekend, ya’ll!

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i like the song.

i LOVE the video.

the colors are gorgeous.

the hipster-in-Palm-Springs vibe is kickin’.

the dance moves are pure quicky perfection.

the outfits need to

but seriously, guys…the colors. in the words of rachel zoe, i die.

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pretty prints.

i stumbled across these prints on etsy, and i just had to share their loveliness with you. i fell in love with the one on the top left at first glance, and then fell even harder when i found out that they are digital combinations of a photo and a painting. just lovely. the artist even offers sets of four small notecards, which i think i would actually frame individually to create a little wall set. the four below would look perfect in my recently updated bathroom.

on a completely unrelated note, my birthday is in 15 days…cough cough, wink wink…

images here | here | here | here

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not-so-fall colors.

i’m craving fall. the tights, the boots, the layers (oh, the layers!).

but, i’m still hooked on summer colors. in fact, i’m thinking that i may just rebel completely against fall colors this year. who says you can’t make hot pink and neon yellow look good in the fall? (colorful tights, anyone?) honestly, i think i feel happier on days when i’m wearing something colorful, something with a little punch.

 so neutrals, you better become bestest buddies with my brights, because ya’ll are gonna be homies this fall.

(yes, i’m weird.)

check out these color combos…nuetrals+brights=perfect not-so-fall outfit inspiration!

images found here | here | here | here

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