so, fridays at my full-time job are casual day, which generally means jeans. i am not a huge fan of jeans, but i usually wear them on friday anyway. i have yet to find any other kind of casual pants that fit me quite right, and i wear skirts pretty much every other day of the week…so yeah. i give in to the jeans on fridays. but, since jeans are just jeans, i have to put my own little wendy spin on them by rolling the cuffs. which really just began because i am short and jeans are long and i’m too lazy to get them tailored. but then i decided i kind of love it, so the cuffed jeans are here to stay.

uhhh, yeah. that’s all i’ve got to say at the moment. what?? wendy is lacking for words?? that never happens. except right now. because i’m tired. and probably going to go to bed early-ish tonight, which means i should stop writing nonsense on here. but the real world is on tv, and i’m sucked into this episode already. doh.

so what else could i tell you while i sit here and rot my brain? um, i ate burrito brother’s for the first time tonight. which if you live in gainesville, you know it’s ridiculous that i have lived here the majority of my life and never eaten there. but now i have, and it was awesome, and i’m hooked.

man, i’ve got nothing of interest to say tonight. so lame-o. sorry guys.

just look at that pretty cardigan and pretend you didn’t waste your time reading this hot mess of a post.

night night. 


cardigan: target


belt and ring: forever 21

jeans: white house | black market

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  1. Posted November 10, 2011 at 10:30 am by Sarah | Permalink

    Love the ring! :) And you! Miss you!

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