color. pattern. texture. shine.

if you’ve ever watched the show what not to wear, you’ve heard stacy and clinton chant the fashion mantra “color pattern texture shine”….but have you ever really thought about why they say it?

let’s take this outfit for example: if my skirt was black instead of patterned, or my shirt was white or grey instead of teal, the outfit would be completely different…and frankly, more boring.

but by wearing one piece with a bold graphic print, paired with tights that have texture and a subtle pattern of their own, plus a pop of color in the shirt and the juxtaposition of structure in the jacket with slouch in boots…

well, just those simple changes took this outfit from standard and so-so to eye-catching and kind of fun.

and yet, it’s still completely work appropriate, just more me. 

and yeah, so i didn’t work any “shine” into this outfit, but i think three out of four is enough in one outfit.

trust me, i’ll bust out the bling another time.


jacket: new york & co. via sandy’s savvy chic resale boutique

shirt: forever 21

skirt: club monaco via sandy’s savvy chic resaleboutique


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  1. Posted November 7, 2011 at 8:09 pm by Mom | Permalink

    Loved your pics in this post. Very cool and magaziney-looking (new word!) Also, loved the outfit!

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