haile village farmer’s market.

I wanted to write up this nostalgic, whimsical, aren’t-I-an-awesome-hipster post about how much I love farmer’s markets. About how I am there at 8am on the dot, to ensure my veggies are the freshest and bestest. About how I put on my brogues and a floaty, floral dress and put my hair in a bun and skip merrily from stall to stall with my organic-woven-from-hemp bag on my arm, as I wax poetic about the merits of eating such wholesome, local food, because duh…that makes me cooler than everyone else. About how I cooked dinner every night the following week, reveling in my superior organic-ness. 

Ha. Riiightttt… 

Let’s get real. 

Ok, so I wore a dress. But it wasn’t floral, just a little bit floaty. And it was black. And there were no brogues involved. My hair might have been in a bun, but that was just laziness, not a hipster fashion statement. Laziness because I was already late to meet my friends at 10am and I had to grab organic Barnie’s coffee on the way. And my bag was a free one I snagged from a trade show (probably made in China), because it had a mouse on it and it looks like I could have paid $25 for it at Urban Outfitters. I never actually got around to cooking the veggies I bought. They went bad in my frig while I ate Lean Cuisines on the run. 

That’s the real deal. I am most certainly less cool than the average non-hipster. Because even non-hipsters manage to actually EAT the things they buy at a farmer’s market. (Really, what good hipster EVER eats a Lean Cuisine for goodness sake? I should be flogged.) 


Farmer’s markets still rock my socks off. It’s such a pleasant, peaceful way to spend a Saturday morning. Just wandering the stalls, chatting with the farmers, and tasting yummy goodness. And you don’t have to be a good hipster to enjoy some yummy goodness. 


The goods: 

  • Zucchini and squash: about $2 (can’t remember exactly)
  • Soy Sandalwood Candle: $6
  • Juice made from things like star fruit, dragon fruit, and other such fruity goodness: $7.50 (ouch. But so worth it.)
  • Salted, cardamom-flavored caramel: $.50

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  1. Posted September 21, 2011 at 12:45 pm by Sarah | Permalink

    hahaha. I love you. And you will always be way more hipster than me!!! :)

    PS — Your blog makes me miss you!!!!!!

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